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What does life mean?

Does life mean anything? Perhaps not. Perhaps life is just a random event. Perhaps life is just an accident of nature.

Or maybe there is a higher power that started this ball rolling then moved on to start another ball rolling. Or maybe this is a prison planet where wiser aliens dumped us because of our violent ways. Or maybe there is a loving God watching over us all and protecting us from harm.

If so, I wish the loving God would keep a closer eye on things. We experience harm continually through life. Maybe that’s the way a loving God teaches us stuff. Tough love. Or maybe there are other forces in the universe, malevolent ones that are out to get us. Maybe the loving God doesn’t hold all the cards.

Why is the meaning of life sometimes humorous? Why do we laugh at questions of eternity? I don’t know why. That’s a question for psychology. But we do laugh, and I think it helps!


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